• Rosé gran Cuvée has arrived

    The Rosè has arrived! Made from Raboso grapes, instead of Prosecco and Pinot, an ancient indigenous grape variety and strictly from organic cultivation. The production processes are the same as for our Prosecco. We are ready to taste it, and you?

  • An autumn day

    Strolling through the Ager Patris estate on a beautiful day, the intense colours of autumn surround it, the afternoon light falls on its vines. Until a few weeks ago they were showing their fruit and, today, they offer themselves bare but full of life. Our mascot walks us, running free and harmlessly through nature.

  • Almost there!

    Sunset over Ager Patris..there is nothing more to say! The grapes are formed and ready for harvest, even if two weeks late. The adverse weather does not stop us: we await a product that promises to be more than good.

  • It’s time!

    Tomorrow we are ready for harvest! The extra time has been crucial in achieving better ripeness, the ph is perfect and the product will certainly be too. Tomorrow we start at 06.30, with effort but much satisfaction.

  • The grape harvest is expected to be marvellous

    Thanks to a season full of rain alternating with sunshine, the vine is producing and its results can be seen: many bunches have already formed and are ready for the grape explosion. Ager Patris hope that the weather will be clement, as it has been in the past: we cross our fingers and continue to be organic. We are winemakers not by force but by passion!

  • Merry Christmas with AgerPatris

    Shipments in progress for our customers: ExtraBrut and ExtraDry in large quantities! We want to celebrate with you and forget about the hard times we are all facing, we want to help you enjoy the upcoming Christmas holidays in a cheerful manner. Ager Patris is with you and wishes you Happy Holidays!

  • Organic oil

    This year we are producing organic oil from the 250 olive trees that frame our wonderful farm. We are in the middle of harvesting, strictly by hand, like everything else we produce. The effort does not frighten us, we are ready to enjoy the result!