The estate

The AgerPatris estate boasts a history of over two thousand years: the area includes the foundations of a pre-Roman villa, where the archeologists found vases, amphorae and pre-Christian and medieval jewelry. We decided to preserve this area of historical value, which is right at the center of the estate, to protect our past and pass it on to future generations.

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Small numbers, great passion

olive trees
hours spent in the estate

Valuing the territory

Olive trees and cypresses cover four hectares of vineyards, protecting the estate and its biological vocation from the urban context. Everything here reflects the extraordinariness of a territory that makes beauty one of its basic characteristics.

In this harmonious environment, nature meets the human industriousness: the highest expression of this collaboration is the harvest by hand, which takes place in September, respecting the optimal level of ripeness of the grapes. Every detail of our work has been dreamed, designed and accomplished to ensure a quality product, as early as delivery to the winery for the processing of the grapes.