Fine and Infinite

The harmony of Nature is beauty without end, it is the ceaseless song of life, it is the eternal sower of the earth of the fathers. That is why the pleasure of our organic sparkling wines is infinite.

Our wines

Extra Dry

Extra Brut

Sui Lieviti

Rosé Gran Cuvée


AgerPatris was born taking what the territory generously offers to join value of traditions and pass it on to our childrens, teaching them the culture of living well in the community.

Our name, in fact, comes from Latin: “the estate of the father” and embodies a thought that we want to pass on over time.

— Dedicato a chi sa vivere —

About us

Who is the “host” behind the AgerPatris project? We are a family with roots in the territory of our vineyards: a place we love and we want to preserve with the help of the expert hands of our agronomists. Our vocation to discover the world has driven us to cultivate even more the bond with our land, creating an exceptional product whose aroma expresses the values that guide us: quality, sustainability and recycling.

Organic is our mission

For over thirty years, the AgerPatris estate had been a place owned by nature: vineyards and fruit trees grew spontaneously on a sun-kissed slope. We undertook a journey of more than four years, always respecting the history of the land, to offer you a product certified and guaranteed by the inspection body authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (MIPAAFT) IT-BIO-004.

— Biologico per dovere verso il nostro futuro, non solo per scelta —


We rely on the experience of our agronomists and on the craftsmanship of a process that culminates in the festive time of the harvest, always performed by hand, to ensure the taste of the grapes and to guarantee the respect for plants.