• The beginning of the Prosecco Ager Patris Grape Season

    Every year, September gives us a unique natural spectacle: the harvest, organic and by hand, a practice that requires dedication and passion. The result? A wine of exceptional quality, like Prosecco Ager Patris! Our winery has demonstrated a tangible commitment to environmental sustainability and the production of an authentic wine that celebrates the beauty of the Veneto hills.

  • Ager Patris to make your event sparkling!

    If you are looking for an ingredient to make your event sparkling and, at the same time, refined, you can count on Ager Patris: with bubbles, which characterize its three declinations (Extra Dry, Extra Brut and Rosé) it will please the tastes of all guests. It can accompany various types of dishes and give that extra touch to lunch, aperitif or a simple refreshment. This is what happened on June 6, during the opening of The Foscarini hotel in Mogliano, where Ager Patris was present with its custom bar counter. There, together with the food track and the piano that provided the soundtrack, it made the happy hour perfect!

  • Ager Patris as the only organic Asolo Prosecco in the Vinitaly International Wine Guide 2023!

    Prosecco Ager Patris Extra Dry qualified with a score of 91/100 points in the Wine Without Walls competition, the section of 5StarWines dedicated to certified organic or biodynamic wine organized by Veronafiere last March. It is the only Asolo Prosecco that reached that level and will, therefore, be featured in Vinitaly’s international guide 5 Star Wines The Book 2023, in the Wine Without Walls section.

    It is really the case to say that..quality always wins!

  • A toast to the new year

    2023 has arrived! Do you need an help to resume the routine in a less traumatic way, with taste and fizziness? We suggest a toast with Ager Patris: Extra Brut, Extra Dry, Rosé or…who knows what a surprise this new year will bring!

  • Stock up on Ager Patris! There are still a few bottles left in the cellar

    The drought looms but does not scares us. Once again this year, we reap the fruit of our hard-earned labor, bunch after bunch, strictly by hand. Grape harvest represents for us an annual event linked to tradition, it brings with it the value of sharing and the worth of the territory.

    With patience and determination we have put in all our efforts to make our vines grow lush and now we are ready to kick off the winemaking and then bring to the table, once again this year, our organic wine Ager Patris. While you wait, don’t risk going dry: take the opportunity to stock up, there are still a few bottles left in the cellar!

  • Merry Christmas with AgerPatris

    Shipments in progress for our customers: ExtraBrut and ExtraDry in large quantities! We want to celebrate with you and forget about the hard times we are all facing, we want to help you enjoy the upcoming Christmas holidays in a cheerful manner. Ager Patris is with you and wishes you Happy Holidays!

  • A new grape-harvest

    “A hand harvest done from the early hours of the morning with expert care. We harvest the fruit of a whole year’s hard work in the cellar, spared from the weather and satisfied with our work, which is growing year by year.

    Now the preparation of the new wine awaits us: it will still take months, but spring will finally bring the new product.”