• Merry Christmas with AgerPatris

    Shipments in progress for our customers: ExtraBrut and ExtraDry in large quantities! We want to celebrate with you and forget about the hard times we are all facing, we want to help you enjoy the upcoming Christmas holidays in a cheerful manner. Ager Patris is with you and wishes you Happy Holidays!

  • A new grape-harvest

    “A hand harvest done from the early hours of the morning with expert care. We harvest the fruit of a whole year’s hard work in the cellar, spared from the weather and satisfied with our work, which is growing year by year.

    Now the preparation of the new wine awaits us: it will still take months, but spring will finally bring the new product.”

  • AgerPatris in the Vinitaly guide 5 Star Wines The Book 2021

    Ager Patris, Asolo Prosecco Superiore Docg Biological Extra Dry, has been selected by 5 Star Wines and will be featured in Vinitaly’s international guide 5 Star Wines The Book 2021, in the section dedicated to organic wine, Wine Without Walls. Organised by Veronafiere, 5 Star Wines is the annual wine selection involving wineries that invest in improving their products.

    A jury of highly qualified professionals examined more than 2,000 samples from a visual, olfactory and gustatory point of view, selecting the wine products that see their international value certified in the guide for their level of quality.

    Particular attention is paid to certified organic or biodynamic wines, to which the section of 5 Star Wines called Wine Without Walls is dedicated, reinforcing the valorisation of agricultural realities whose commitment is active in preserving the naturalness of the product, starting from the soil and the vine and then in the cellar.

    Sustainable viticulture today represents innovative excellence in reducing impacts on the environment, while preserving tradition itself. This is an important recognition, which we share with enthusiasm and pride.

  • The vineyard is festive and the online cellar is ready for you

    May brings a lot of new things and, a different atmosphere. We have returned to the vineyard, where nature has exploded, the rows of vines rise up towards the sky. We will start cleaning them soon, strictly by hand, for an excellent result and an high quality we want to improve every year.

    Our online wine cellar allows us to be close to our customers, who in large numbers are appreciating the convenience of being able to buy online and consume our products at home. That’s why we are expanding our offer: you can now buy a single bottle or the tasting box to enjoy both our products. But the most important news is the prices: we have decided to revise the quotations; visit the wine cellar online and find the purchase solution that suits you best. Ager Patris is with you and goes with the new-found desire to be together!

  • Nature does not stop

    Spring is awakening: the defeaning silence of our villages in this period doesn’t stop the strength of nature. In our vineyard small bunches born and rise to the sky, eager to quickly transform into nectar without help of harmful chemicals and human hand altering the growing stages.

    This is nature, this is Ager Patris, this is what we are. The ladybugs that we find everywhere in the vineyard thank us and confirm that we are preparing for a very good year: once again the result of our work will move to the cellar in the autumn and reach your home next spring.

  • Our online winery is now open!

    Our new website is ready after weeks of work and we can now reach out to you, tell you about our philosophy, our history and our passion. Finally you can buy directly from the winery without any middlemen, without agents or consultants, with a short supply chain, in a few simple steps. You can order from the comfort of your home and receive our products simply and easily, paying by credit card or PayPal™. We have also created a special welcome box for the launch, called the Welcome Box, in which you can taste all our wines at an advantageous price.

  • Let’s start bottling

    Haste is never a good thing. March is the time for bottling and the second fermentation in the bottle and it will take 45 days more to taste the result of our hard work, our golden Glera grapes brought to the cellar in September and transformed into the ultimate tasting experience. Organic yeasts and attention to timing, without use of chemicals, will allow us to obtain a product in line with our philosophy: simply special.